Sterling McClellan Post 142

Covid-19 Pandemic Remains With Us

As we all are aware from the news, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet!  Numbers of new cases are again on the rise in Southeastern Florida. 

Broward County, in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health, maintains a special website dedicated to information about tne virus and sites where local residents can receive both Covid-19 testing and Covid-19 vaccinations.

Click on the link to that site below for information about vaccination and testing availability in Broward County.

Broward County Covid-19 Website

At Post 142, current policy is that masking remains optional at the discretion of the patron, social distancing by individuals can be attempted when seating space permits, hand sanitizer remains available for patrons, and enhanced hygiene protocols are implemented by Post employees.

Current medical information recomends that all individuals who are able should be vaccinated promptly.  Conservative medical opinion largely recommends that, to be on the safe side, unvaccinated individuals especially, should continue to employ anti-viral spreading techniques such as masking, social distancing, and diligent personal hygene methods.  Other medical authorities recommend, due to the emergence of the newer Delta variant of the Covid virus and because of "breakthrough" infections in a small percentage of individuals who have completed their vaccinations, that masking, social distancing, and hygiene measures should be more widely employed, especially indoors and in the presence of unvaccinated individuals.

Official recommendations from the CDC are still evolving, and those changes can be somewhat confusing to members of the public at large, unfortunately.  Please stay as fully informed as possible and act in a manner that you believe provides you with relative, practical safety during these times of this ongoing pandemic.


CDC Covid-19 Booster Shot Recomendations (Sep. 30, 2021)

As the information about the efficacy and adminstration of Covid-19 booster immunization evolve, many of those already vaccinated have questions.  Click on the link to the CDC policy below to see the CDC's most current recommendations.