Sterling McClellan Post 142

Spotlight on Volunteers

Volunteerism is at the core of the American Legion and, certainly, here at Post 142.  Paid employees are confined to the Lounge personnel. The  Kitchen services and lawn care are contracted to outside vendors, but all other routine functions of operations are performed by volunteers.  Unfortunately, the number of volunteers totals only 1-2% of active members from across all four of the Post 142 Family Units.

One group of almost "silent volunteers" has been focused for years on an extremely important mission to support families of active duty military personnel.  Members of the Auxiliary Unit 142 assemble weekly to gather donated coupons which are sent to multple military base exchanges overseas (two bases each in Korea, Japan, and Germany) where those families can utilize those coupons to help defray the high costs of groceries and other household living products.

The Auxiliary Unit 142 has received recognition of this continuous effort. 

The American Legion Auxiliary Department of Florida awarded Unit 142 with the a plaque for:

Coupon Clipping Award

Highest Manufacturer Value 2020-2021 ($246,597.60)

(That is a tremendous number of coupons clipped, Ladies!)

You can see these volunteers gathered in the Lounge most every Tuesday "cutting up" around lunchtime.  Please say hello and express your gratitude for their efforts in carrying out this wonderfully important mission of the Auxiliary Unit 142. 

If you can contribute coupons, please bring your coupons to the Lounge at any convenient visit to the Post, and thank you for your donations!


The Auxiliary Unit Post 142 "Cut Ups"

Left to right: 

Aurora Correa, Barbara Ann Branigan, Inge Clark, Barbara Chapman,

Janet Douglas, Juliet O'Connor, and Candice Dahlenburg


Thank you for your service in the best tradition

of the American Legion Auxiliary, Ladies!