Sterling McClellan Post 142

Unit Chaplains Services

From time to time, members of our Post 142 Family Units become ill, or sadly, pass on, or desire other assistance of a Post 142 Family Unit Chaplain.

Each of our Family Units has a Chaplain dedicated to support of its members and their families during those times of challenge.  Our Chaplains must currently work under the added restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, but rest assured, each willingly provides siritual support or condolence to our family members in need.

Ironically, the greatest challenge faced by our dedicated Chaplains is learning of our members illnesses, passing, or desire for assistance. To help our Chaplains, please find their telephone numbers below. When you learn of illness, difficulty, or a passing among our Post members, please give the appropriate Unit Chaplain a call!

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 142:        Chaplain Barbara Branigan 954-815-5521   

American Legion Post 142:                  Chaplain Gerald Toomey    954-304-3164

Sons of the American Legion Squadron 142:Chaplain Daniel Falvey     954-393-4963

American Legion Riders Chapter 142:       Chaplain Daniel Falvey     954-393-4963

When contacting Unit Chaplains, please provide them some brief information about the reason(s) for support:

     Report the death of a member.

     Illness of a member.

     Prayer request: Experiencing difficult or challenging times and would like to have prayer assistance.

     Other Reason or Service: Please specify

Please provide your name and telephone number with your message to assist the Unit Chaplain to fully and completely provide the most devoted service to our members.

God Bless You!

** If you are unable to contact the Unit Chaplain directly, the Post Adjutant will assist you and our dedicated Chaplains by receiving the same information from you and also attempt to transmit your information to the appropriate Unit Chaplain. Contact Earl Fraley, Adjutant, at: Telephine:215-545-0708 or emai: