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Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

I want to pass along the Post 142's leaders' appreciation for the general cooperation regarding the appeal to reserve the printed copies of the monthly Newsletter for use by members without internet access to the identical, electronic versions of the monthly newsletters. There is still a small number of members who insist upon taking printed copies despite their having internet access. There will always be a few who refuse to get on board with the program, sadly.

The Newsletter is sent to all Post Family members who have provided a valid e-mail address to the Post Adjutant. Additionally, a link to the current month's Newsletter is posted below as yet another way for members to access the Newsletter online thus obviating the need to take one of the expensive, few printed copies from the Post Lounge!

Members' cooperation is helping to keep the Post's printing costs down while being mindful of the needs of members without email capabilities!  Thank you.

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