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The electronic version of the Newsletter is identical in style and content to its brother printed copy, and has been mass e-mailed to well over 700 members, family members, and guests every month for several years now. Also, there is a link to the current month's Newsletter posted on the official Post 142 website at (Click on the Newsletter tab in the left-most column).

All members who are currently receiving the monthly newsletter and other important announcements will continue to receive those electronic communications from the Post. Individuals who are not currently receiving the e-mail Newsletter and messages from Post 142 should send their names, whether a member of the Auxiliary, the Legion, the Sons of the American Legion, the Legion Riders, or other categorization (please describe your relationship to the Post) and their current, valid e-mail addresses to the Electronics Support Technologist, Earl D. Fraley, Ph.D., who will add your name to the Post 142 e-mail list. His contact information is:

Earl D. Fraley, Ph.D.

Mailing Address: 171 SW 2nd Street, Pompano Beach,  Fl 33060      

E-mail Address:                Telephone: 561-426-6414

The Post limits e-mails to items of greatest interest to our subscribers to avoid "spamming" too many e-mails from the Post. You have control of your emails--if you don't want to open and read the content, you may delete messages on a case-by-case basis. A word of caution, though, if you unsubscribe from the mailing list, you will no longer receive any Post 142 electronic communications! Those who unsubscribe cannot be reactivated by the Post, but must, instead request reinstatement of active status by completing a form provided by the Post's e-mail vendor!

Please, be conservative with any potential action to unsubscribe from the Post 142 official email list.


Your continuing support of Post 142 is greatly appreciated!



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