Sterling McClellan Post 142

December 20th heralded the return of the SAL-sponsored annual

Rick's Famous Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner

Prepared by "Radiator Rick" Husey with assistance from V.O. John, and Nina, Rick's renowned classical spaghetti and meatball dinner was enhanced this year with the addition of spicy Italian sausage!  Preparations began on Saturday and continued on overnight. The laborious process of prepping the meals in the kitchen was accomplished by Rick and Suzie and ably served up to the hungry 75 ticket holders by our own Nina!

SAL Squadron Commander Rob McCarten patiently manned the lounge door selling tickets to last muinute buyers and distributing the all-important meal ticket coupons to the diners.

The unanimous concensus was that a great meal was enjoyed by all! So thanks to Rick and all involved!



Also, that day, the Post 142 Historian, Tommy Thomas, turned a youthful 79 years young, and Tommy and his wife Barbara were duly "embarassed" by a surprise birthday recognition with an appropriate birthday cake!  Tommy is the man who takes the vast majority of the pictures that are published in the Post Monthly Newsletter as well as on this website. Thank you Tommy for all your service over your nearly 25 years as an American Legionnaire!


Suffice it to say, if you enjoyed this dinner, or missed it and want to experience it for yourself, plan early for next year's serving!