Sterling McClellan Post 142

Post Everlasting

A Combined Memorial Tribute for Post 142 Family Members

(November 11, 2020)

Veterans Day! What more fitting time to celebrate the lives of Post 142 Family Members, our veterans and family?  At 2:00 PM, in the Post's Great Hall, members, family, and friends of members who had passed away during the Post closure, mandated by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, gathered together in a memorial tribute to all our comrades by celebrating the traditional American Legion Post Everlasting, officiated by Commander David Sweeney and assisted by the Post 142 Officers. This ceremony notes the passing of our colleagues, who have completed their honored, mortal service on earth, and are now transferred to forever serve in the ranks of the immortals in the heavenly Post Everlasting.

Our beloved comrads honored included:

Ralph T. Carpenter, Jr.          US Air Force                    Legionnaire                  

Frank DeMaria                       US Army                           Legionnaire                   

Charles DiMatteo                  US Air Force                     Legionnaire                   

Paul Douglas                          US Navy                            Legionnaire                  

Thomas Dow                          US Navy                            Legionnaire         

Rudolph Frei                          US Army                            Legionnaire                  

Larry Henderson                  US Army                            Legionnaire                  

Michael J. Homatas             US Army                            Legionnaire                   

P. Dean Jackson, Jr.             US Army                            Legionnaire                   

Richard Locascio                 US Army                            Legionnaire                  

William Patton                    US Army                            Legionnaire                   

Milo Peterson                      US Air Force                     Legionnaire

James J. Pockey                   US Army                            Legionnaire                  

James Rose                          US Coast Guard                Legionnaire

Lois Ellis                                                                           Auxiliary Member

Virginia Josey                                                                  Auxiliary Member

Sandy Morway                                                                Auxiliary Member

Donald Economos                                                          Son of the American Legion


The Post Everlasting and Attendees:                   Photos courtesey of Tommy Thomas, Post 142 Historian