Sterling McClellan Post 142

The Flu--Yes it is coming!

The annual influenza (Flu) season is here, and, yes, it is piggy-backing on the current Covid-19 pandemic, but health authorities are definately recommending that individuals be immunized against the "common flu."

The flu vaccine cannot give one the flu, but it may prevent the recipient from contracting the flu, or, if one does get the flu, it will be a milder case.  Some individuals may have a local reaction (redness or mild tenderness) at the site of injection, others may develope a low-grade fever and mild, generalized achiness, but that is not "having the flu"!  Some individuals may be allergic to actual components of the vaccine and should seek medical advice from their personal physician.

Free "Flu shots" for veterans registered with the VA Health Care system! 

No-charge influenza immunizations are available at VA health facilities and at Community Retail Pharmacies and Urgent Care Centers that are part of the VA Community Care Network (CCN). To learn more and find a participating pharmacy or urgent care center click on the link below: 

Disease prevention is in everyone's best interest!