Sterling McClellan Post 142

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Testing Information for Post 142 Family Members

During these Covid-19 pandemic times, Post 142 Family Unit members and their families and aquaintances may require information about where they may obtain Covid-19 testing if they have develope symptoms of possible disease or have are exposed to known or suspected Covid-19 patients. While consultation with one's personal healthcare provider is always a prudent course of action for guidance about an individual's health concerns, information about where and when one may obtain Covid-19 testing may eventually needed. The link below provides such information for testing locations local to Broward County.

Post 142 sincerely hopes you will not have need of this information, but if you do, it is provided for you.

Please follow all the recommended protection measures for your safety as well as for your family and friends, as Post 142 desires to have all our valued members healthy and safe upon reopening!